Pilot course on Low-Carbon Land use and Landscape management in Catalonia | May 2017

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Pilot course on Low-Carbon Land use and Landscape management in Catalonia | May 2017
by Alessandra Casu - Friday, 10 March 2017, 9:08 AM

(including 2 traveling days)

Welcome to a two-week field course on land use and landscape management striving towards low-carbon society!

The course (6 ECTS) is part of Erasmus+ funded project On the way towards a low-carbon society – Increasing professionalism in land use and landscape management within climate change. International cooperation between Finland, Poland and Spain is led by PhD Minna Tanskanen, University Lecturer at University of Eastern Finland. More information about the project can be found in the attached file and on the website: 


We are happy to announce that the course is open for participant applications! Ee are looking for 8 advanced students that are enthusiastic about the topic of land use planning and interested in promoting development towards low-carbon society. Preference will be given for students :

  • who are doing their master studies and
  • who have done studies on land use and landscape planning, low-carbon mechanisms and/or societal influencing.
  • who have to be able to include the course in your personal study plan.

Out of three pilot courses the second one will be held in Girona, Catalonia, Spain between May 8th and 19th 2017. The course will include workshops, seminars, excursions, lectures and exploring the rural village of Vilademuls and the mass tourism resort Lloret de Mar. 


With the aim of exploring low carbon transitions for two opposite realities, the Pilot Course will break students into two groups after an introductory day in Girona and a field trip to Pyrenees. Students will be situated in either one destination for 10 days, and provided with a full training and fieldwork program for both groups. 


In Vilademuls the students will focus on Low-Carbon Rural Development and in Lloret de Mar on Low-Carbon Tourism.


More information about learning outcomes, practicalities and content of the Girona pilot can be found here


The draft of Girona pilot program and description of case studies will be released in due course, by the end of February 2017 at latest on the same website.


How to apply:


To apply, send the following information to 

Josep Vila:

Sergi Nuss:

 and Mita Castañer: 

by 8th of March 2017 at latest:

-        Basic information about yourself, in the form of open application or CV

-        Motivation letter, maximum 1 page. Why do you want to participate on this course? What is your interest towards topics in hand?

The selection will be announced on 15th of March 2017 at latest.


We are looking forward to your applications and questions about the courses!


More information:

Josep Vila

Geography Department