Master in Emergency - Project strategies and innovation in humanitarian emergencies

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Master in Emergency - Project strategies and innovation in humanitarian emergencies
by Alessandra Casu - Monday, 8 August 2016, 2:06 PM
The master course “EMERGENCY” is a need of our current society to have professionals able to give a more effective response in the field of humanitarian emergencies, in natural disasters, climate changes and mademan conflicts.
The response of international organizations do not consider architecture knowledge as a resource in their physical actions in a humanitarian emergency, that fact should change in next years.
Master course will produce a professional profile with high skills in the field of Humanitarian emergencies with focus in; physical planning, architecture creativity, technical innovation, cultural understanding and social capacities to work with local communities, governments and different professionals in a interdisciplinary frame.
This new professional should be able to develop new roles, ideas, creativity and innovation in the field of humanitarian emergencies.

Request for admission deadline 15th September 2016

Work sector which this professional profile focuses:
-International public organizations; UN, Red Cross,etc
-National and local governments
-Non Governmental Organizations
-Universities and research institutes

Master candidates should have a master tittle of first level (5 years university career) in Architecture, Social Sciences, Art, Philosophy, Engineering, Design, Logistics, Geography or another professional background, which will be examined by the scientific master board.

For more details, contacts and application procedure
Academic information: Jorge Lobos
Administrative matters (admission, fees, enrollment, etc.):