Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition

Picture of Barbara Silveri
Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition
by Barbara Silveri - Thursday, 14 March 2019, 8:15 AM

Volume Zero is a unique platform that exhibits numerous innovations by architects and designers all across the globe. Under this initiative, we have come up with New Age International architecture & design competitions. The competitions held previously have opened up to inspirational themes gaining an overwhelming response from over 50 countries. 

We now look forward to hosting our 8th Architecture competition, Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition, an ideas competition is to envision and create a Lunar Experience + Research Centre for the first habitants and tourists of the moon to research and explore new frontiers of lunar landscapes.
Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition invites everyone to imagine and create the first human habitation outside of earths perimeter and celebrate the golden age of space exploration..
Winners will be awarded a total prize of $4000 USD. The awards will take a collective view of the jury and spot the design excellence and innovation every participant has to offer. Both students and professionals are welcomed to participate.
The scheduled dates for the competition are as follows:
February 13th, 2019 – Launch of Competition 
May 30th, 2019  – Last date for submission of entries
July 20th, 2019    – Announcement of results.
Our goal is to create a platform for architects and designers to showcase their work on a global platform. So we ask you to join us and help ignite the talent within each of you and help us take the world a step closer to a promising future.