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10th International School Awareness and Responsibility of Environmental Risk + 5th Young Researchers’ Round Table - L'Aquila - September 2018
di Alessandra Casu - mercoledì, 4 luglio 2018, 16:43

Now in its tenth edition, the School started in 2008. It is dedicated to graduate students and graduates in architecture, urban design, planning, engineering, geography, geology, sociology, environmental studies as well as business and political science.
The school gives an opportunity to argue on design and environmental risk factors along with their management. While working on a case study, students will be guided and supported by an international and multidisciplinary team of experts and tutors.
The idea of the school derives from the believe that awareness shall not be left aside by knowledge: to analyse, elaborate, reason, decide and act, knowledge is an essential scientific presupposition.
To choose deliberately “what, where, why, when, for whom, and how” we design is the basis of any design process.


The aim is to raise the awareness of design, management, and planning issues regarding territories vulnerable to environmental risks.

Information and registration

Application forms shall be consigned to paola.rizzi@univaq.it
Upon the evaluation, the most innovative project will be awarded.
Upon the termination of the school, a certificate will be issued.
All projects will be exhibited. ECTS value of the school will be assigned according to national standards.


Registration submission deadline expires on July 15, 2018.
Registration deadline expires on July 15, 2018.